Compressor Dry Gas Seal

Compressor Oil Film Single-Face Seal

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Dry gas seals are mainly applied in high speed applications like compressors and other rotating equipments. It can prevent the release of potentially harmful gasses or substances into the surrounding atmosphere by providing non-contacting positive shaft sealing.

Single-face, multiple-spring, balance structure
Integrative L push-ring design and the O-ring use block-ring protection design, to ensure the O-ring sealing and floatability.
Adopt fission push-ring design, realization counter-attack pressure function, to double balance result.
Seal face use fluid dynamic pressure groove face seal structure which have the right of independent intellectual property, end face pressure distribution more homogeneous and seal running more reliable.
Unique designed fluid dynamic pressure groove has good function of avoiding solid particles and clean function, and can realize jam liquid zero leakage
Seal non-contact operation, low power consumption, long service life.
Fluid dynamic pressure carbon graphite float-ring seal combination to use, the effect is much better.
Unset loading structure, through the related parts adjustment, to ensure maximum sealing still operate in design state operation when the compressor is in normal work.
Operation limits
Pressure: ≤4.0 MPa
Speed:  ≤150 m/s
Temperature:-40℃ ~ 327℃
Refinery often relief devices, continuous reforming unit, liquefied gas recycling equipment, the torch gas recycling equipment, catalytic unit, coking plant, cracking unit, hydrogenation, ethylene plant, butadiene unit, a b ketone device, coal oil refining devices, etc.
Various centrifugal compressor, screw compressor, etc.
Easy polymerization, not stable gas medium, such as cracking gas, the torch, styrene butadiene, gas, acetylene, light, coke oven gas and carbon dioxide, epichlorohydrin and liquid ammonia, vinyl chloride, rich gas, the fuel gas, gas, oilfield associated gas, etc.

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