bearing isolator

Bearing isolator greatly increases the bearing life on rotating equipments like pumps by reducing bearing lubrication contamination and loss. Richest provides bearing isolators with high quality and good price.

Bearing failure is a leading cause of downtime in pumps and other rotating equipment. The main causes of bearing failure are lubrication contamination and loss. There’s no way around it – proper bearing protection is critical to improving rotating equipment reliability and preventing costly unscheduled downtime and lost production.

Lip seals or radial shaft seals provide only temporary protection, and simple labyrinth seals can’t hold up against harsh environmental conditions. Rotating equipment users are looking for a more reliable permanent solution. But bearing isolator can solve this problem well

There are many advantages for bearing isolator. Firstly, it can prolong bearing life by preventing entering of steam into bearing chamber and extending the mean Time between maintenance. Secondly, bearing isolator is able to prevent lubrication leakage regardless of the lubrication system is being used. Thirdly, it helps make it easy to refit the existing simple labyrinth seal with the engineered features of the bearing isolator used on steam turbine. Finally, bronze construction is suitable with high temperature steam and is non-sparking.

Purchasing bearing isolator from Richest, customers can receive not only high quality products, but also perfect after-sale service.

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