About us

Company Information

DSC0662Founded in 2001 in Suzhou, Richest(HK)Development Ltd. has been in the seal business for over 15 years. Richest designs and manufactures mechanical seals for many specialty industries, including chemical and petrochemical, refining, pulp and paper, water and wastewater treatment and drainage, power generation, primary metals, food and pharmaceuticals, infrastructure, mining and others. We assure the highest quality products at the greatest total value.

Richest provides seals repair service. We refurbish not only our seals, but mechanical seals of other brands as well. In addition, we are successfully partnered with many distributors and agents both domestic and international.

To meet our clients changing needs of fluid control better, we expand our business and increase pumps to our manufacturing line. Richest is committed to provide reliable, accurate, and efficient pumps to our customers. Meanwhile, we can help them with designing suitable mechanical seals for their pumps. By means of innovation and quality control with every product in Richest, we hope to cooperate with more companies in the world.


Equipped with professional engineer teams, Richest is able to produce high-performance, application-based seals in low to high volume. With a wide range of solutions and an emphasis on value-driven partnerships, we represent a fresh, honest approach to sealing technology and production.

Our mission is to supply our customers and end users with products of the highest quality. We believe the essential elements to this process are cost savings, financial viability, competitive pricing, customer focus, innovative business solutions, excellent safety record. We know by meeting these criteria, Richest will provide the correct sealing solutions and pump equipments for your business, ensuring your company’s success.


In the future, just like today, we will continue our passion for pushing the limits of technology, and finding ways to help our customers accomplish their unique sealing requirements.